Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 6th, 2010

Mom has been working these things she calls ‘overnights’ lately. The place she works is getting new carpet, and they have to have someone to guard the stuff. It was kind of scary for me, because she wasn’t there at night to sleep with! But now she is hopefully done with such things and will be able to stay with me at night!

tn_2010-06-04 Caleb at Work_edited-1

Caleb went to work with her for each of the nights. Our Only Hearts friends went with him for company in his sleeping bag. He said that it was very strange to sleep safely snuggled in Mom’s purse, but it was an interesting experience. Since she was one of the two people who could get into the breakroom, Caleb got to spend more time out of the purse and looking around. He said that Mom’s fellow co-workers don’t really clean up after themselves very well, and Mom agreed wholeheartedly!

I’ve gotten some great mail that I will share as soon as Mom isn’t so tired all the time. She has the whole day today off, so I think she will feel better tomorrow.

Marlowe II


  1. It must have been very strange that your Mom wasn't there with you at night! For you and for your Mom too! Luckily Caleb could go with her so she wasn't all alone! You make us very curious about the mail ;-)... Looking forward to your next post! :-)!

  2. Wow! Our jobs are like yours - caretakers for our parents. We live where we work and our parents can't work anymore. Teddy was a'posed to go to work with Daddy after Mommy made him his own oh-fish-earl computer techy outfit, but Daddy became sick, before she was done. That's the closest we ever came to going to work with our parents.

    So, we're mighty impressed that Caleb got to go, and, at night, too. How exciting!

    Still, sleeping without your Mommy must have been beary weird. That's why Daddy always puts Teddy and Phil with their wives. He won't sleep with them, because everyone is afraid of drool. Daddy doesn't want teddy bear drool on him and Teddy and Phil don't want Daddy drool on them. (Mommy knows how to sleep to avoid drool. kehehehehe)

    So Caleb went to work with your Mommy and you experienced your first night guarding the house with her. You two must be beary grown-up bears! We're mostest impressed!

  3. I hope your Mom has recovered by now

  4. It's scary when your mummy isn't there. Hope all's well now!