Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13th, 2010

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of mail! It makes me so excited! The first was from my friends from BearPlace. They met up in a town called Arundel in England. (I couldn’t go—I’m on the wrong side of the ocean!) Instead, they sent me a great postcard with all their signatures on it!

tn_2010-06-13 Marlowe and Postcard from Arundel_edited-1 I thought it was great! I think the closest I’m going to get to such a cool meet up any time soon is if Mom and I would visit Buttons! He’s from a nearby state!

Next, we got two cards! This time Mom got a card too! It made her very happy as well! These were from Hammie and his Gea! We will write you back later today! Aren’t they beautiful!

tn_2010-06-13 Marlowe and Cards From Hammie and Gea_edited-1

Mom will get me some more postcards or regular cards as soon as she remembers! Sometimes, Moms can be awfully forgetful!

Marlowe II


  1. That is some cool mail! So sweet of the other bears to all sign the card for you.

  2. YES!!! They arrived!!! We are very happy that you and your Mom like them! And receiving a card from your friends in England! It's such a nice thought that they thought about you even if you couldn't join them! I almost met Beanie from England (in France!), but we couldn't go then because Harr's Grandma died that week I hope that we can see Beanie this year! Perhaps Sullivan will be there too I hope we'll remember to write you a card if we manage to get together... Is your Mom feeling better? I hope so!