Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15th, 2010

Mom recently bought a new movie and we went downstairs to watch it. She saw it in the movie theaters, but wanted to share it with us! This time, I chose Cleveland and Taft to come downstairs with me.

tn_2010-06-10 Watching a Movie Marlowe_edited-1

This is the movie that Mom bought. She saw it in the theater in 3D. We don’t have anything that would make the movie 3D, but we do have a fancy flat screen TV in the kitchen!

tn_2010-06-10 Watching a Movie Cleveland and Taft (3)_edited-1

Cleveland and Taft were fascinated by the movie. We’ve all watched plenty of TV, but this movie was very visually stunning. We decided that our favorite character was Cheshire Cat. (Mom’s favorite was the Mad Hatter!)

tn_2010-06-10 Watching a Movie All of Us_edited-1

We had a lot of fun watching the movie. Did any of you see it? I still like Cars the best, but this is a very good movie!

Marlowe II


  1. I saw this movie in 3D at the cinema and love it!
    I really liked the Cheshire Cat too, but can understand why your mom likes the Mad Hatter.

  2. Mummy says we can watch this some time but we haven't got it yet. We watched Up a while back. That was good.