Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29th, 2010

Sorry for the long time posting. My mom spent some of her vacation gone, and we spent a lot of time napping! But for her birthday on Saturday, she and her mom went in half and half for a new camera! We’re just starting to learn how to take pictures with it—it is one step up from our old camera!

tn_2010-06-27 Marlowe_edited-1So you all will probably get even more pictures in my entries for a while. It’s a big camera though, and Mom probably won’t take it very far!! Mom is a very happy person though, because she thinks that the new camera’s extra specialness comes up much more during the flower pictures that she likes so much.

tn_2010-06-29 Flying Saucers Morning Glory_edited-1Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet around here. I don’t mind! We have had one new friend move in. Her name is Pearl. I will properly introduce her when Mom takes a new picture. We have one that we used to put her on the Picasa website, but it is a bit blurry!

Mom has been busy with work after her vacation. While I do have a job taking care of my mom, I am glad that I do not have to leave the house to go to ‘work’ all the time. Mom doesn’t seem to always enjoy it! Do any of you have a ‘work’ that you have to go to? 


  1. Yes, as G. is a teacher I get to go to school with her everyday! But now we almost have our summer holiday. Next week is the last week of this school year and we'll have a party every day because the school exists 40 years and there will be a celebration every day! So after that we don't go to work for six weeks, but we don't mind ;-)!

  2. I always go to work with my owner. I help her as much as I can, but it can be boring at times when there's nothing for me to do.
    I hope your mom had a great vacation!

  3. Would Marlowe like to visit us at The Beary Thought of it.....


  4. I go with my companion, Wendy, to the doll store five days a week. Sometimes it's really boring, but I wouldn't want to miss an adventure just because I stayed home.

    Looking forward to the photos with the new camera! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!