Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th, 2010

My mom got a delivery from Build-a-Bear a few days ago. I want to introduce my new friends! They are both part of their Zoorific collection.

This is Celosia, the pink flamingo!tn_2010-06-13 Celosia (2)_edited-1

Upon her arrival, she won over all the girls here with her flowers! She says that it is called a lei. She explained that while she is not Hawaiian, she appreciated their culture and was glad to be dressed up for her trip here. She joins Opal as the only two birds in my hug!

This is Gambia, the giraffe!

tn_2010-06-13 Gambia_edited-1

It turned out that Gambia is Charlotte’s lost cousin! They were both so glad to see each other! Mom and I were very glad to reunite another family!

tn_2010-06-13 Charlotte and Gambia_edited-1

Don’t they look happy to see each other again! Charlotte is a World Wildlife Foundation giraffe that BAB made about five years ago. She is one of the founding members of our hug!

Mom also got me a present. As part of the collection, BAB made a carrying bag. It turned out that it also came with a bear-sized one! Technically, I fit in the one that is Mom’s size, and Caleb fits in the one that is my size! We think that would be a very funny picture!

tn_2010-06-12 Marlowe and Our New Bags_edited-1

I am going to go now and talk to my new friends! I hope you are having a great day!

Marlowe II


  1. It's always great when family is reunited!
    Have fun with your new bag.

  2. I hope your new friends will feel at home soon! Will you tell them that we said hello?