Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30th, 2010

tn_2010-05-29 Comforting Mom_edited-1

My mom has been having a ‘Bad Time’. Things are mostly back to normal, but the threatening ghost of the ‘Bad Time’ is clouding things. We have spent a lot of time, in her room, trying not to get to ‘Worked Up’ over things we cannot control. I have been providing Mom a lot of moral support and she says that she is very glad that I am her bear. We have been through some tough times together, and she award me with my very own badge! She says that it is kind of like an online version of a trophy. I am glad she spent some time making me such a pretty thing! (She says that it is her Photoshop Elements skills for those people who know what she is talking about.)Cherished Companion Comfort Badge Marlowe_edited-3

She says that she will make a badge for anyone else if they would like one and are willing to message Mom. She can make it any color and can try to find a suitable clipart for you! She says that she likes sharing! We are going to go and have some quiet time!


  1. Please give your Mom a special dragon hug from me. My mummy says they are good for curing most things. xx

  2. Give your mom a hug from us!

  3. What a lovely badge! I'm glad you can be there for her, but I'm sad that you've been going through a tough time. I actually wrote about this on my blog recently ( if you feel like checking it out. I hope things get better for you all very soon! HUGS

  4. Dear Marlowe, Hope your mom feels OK again soon. Quiet time is good. Take care, Love, Lynda and the bears

  5. Marlowe,
    Hoping things will be back to normal soon. You be sure to give your mom lots of extra hugs. Slip one in there from me and my mom.

    Lots of Bear Hugs,

  6. Hello Marlowe, I feel very sad to hear that your Mom isn't feeling okay. I know that from too, G. has had a rough few months too! She said that I should tell you that being around me and keep on making posts helped her a lot not to loose herself in sad thoughts. So if you stay very close to your Mom and point out beautiful things like flowers, little birds, ladybugs (they bring good luck!) and give her very big hugs all day long that will help for sure! And we are going to prepaire a mandala card today and we'll send one to your Mom too (need to find special stamps that make the cards travel the long way over the ocean to you!) BIG HUG from both of us over here to you both over there!!!

  7. It is the bestest of honors for a cargiving bear to be recognized for his efforts, especially to be recognized by the one we care about. The badge is beautiful.

    Did you know, if you have your Mommy give them out to friends and ask to link it back to your site, you get more visitors/friends? (hint/hint kehehehehehe)

    And, as for your Mommy, we gotta talk to her, too.

    Marlowe's Mommy,

    See that bear in that picture you posted? His fur is wonderfully matted. That is a bigger honor. It means he is wonderfully loved.

    The sad thing about people is - no fur! BUT, we can see it. If'n you had fur, it would be wonderfully matted, too. It comes from all the hugs and all the help you give and get from others, even when you don't notice it. You are loved. Not just by Marlowe, but does it get any better than that? Consider this a cyberhug from all of us.

    It's tough being a people. Other people can be so mean, a loved one hurts and you can't fix it, or you hurt, and it doesn't seem to want to go away. That ghost may be with you for the rest of your life, but that's okay. First, there is the rest of your life, and some things happen that make you happy you got so much life. (Look at that flower and bear you posted in pictures, if you can't think of anything good.) Don't feel like you have to chase that ghost away. Some ghosts are left to teach us through the hard times.

    Mommy used to run away from her ghost, until she finally got brave enough to face it. All the time she was running, it got bigger and bigger and scarier. When she finally faced it, it was a tiny, unscary thing. It takes a lot to face the ghost, so don't feel like you have to immediately, but...face it before you start making it much bigger than it really is. Sometimes they are very big, but time shrinks them, until they absorb into who you are.

    Somewhere along the way, you'll have to let that happen, but choose how to absorb it. If someone said you were a big meanie, realize, "No, I just refused to be a door mat." If someone said you were an idiot, remember, "No, you just didn't give me the chance to see who I am." The hardest part is physical hurt. If bad people hurt you, never let think you deserved it - no one deserves to be hurt. And, if you hurt or someone you loved hurt, well, that's the hardest. That's where hugs and stuffed animals are most required.

    God never promised us a rose garden. Okay, he really did, but then Adam ate that peach. BUT, since Adam ate the peach (oh, come on! Are you more tempted by an apple or a peach? ;) ), we don't get the rose garden. Still, he gave us roses, gardens, stuffed animals, blue skies, cool thunderstorms, fun with family or friends, and so much other stuff to enjoy. It may not be a rose garden, but it's still good, at times. As Mommy always says, "Might as well enjoy it. We're not getting out of this alive."

    Making that badge for Marlowe, typing for him, and getting a big hug from him is all enjoying it. Our advice? When life gives you lemons grill up some hotdogs. (Again, come on! What taste better lemonade or hotdogs? kehehehehehehe)

    Our prescription - as many Marlowe hugs as you need, plus two or three more for good measure. We just keep giving Daddy and Mommy more, until that pretend smile they give us the first time, turns into a real one on the inside. What? You didn't think we stuffed animals could tell the difference?

    Hopefully, this has given you our second prescription - a tiny smile. It's a start.

  8. Now, this part is from our Mommy -

    Hey, I don't even know your name yet. BUT, we have something obviously in common. You'd be surprised how many of us "parents" blog for our stuffed/warm-blooded animals because life is hard.

    My stuffed animals have taught me so much about how to get their blog noticed online. (There is a whole industry of businesses about that and it's called "SEO.") THAT I know. What I don't know is how to add my e-mail address to the blog, so it doesn't get easily harvested by spammers. Doh!

    Until I figure that out, (and even after lol), if you ever want someone to "talk to" through e-mail, I'm available. Now, I have 2 e-mail addresses - one that I don't get to but once a week or so, because it's gotten flooded with spam when I keep posting it online, and my "real address" that I only give friends and family through the other one, so it doesn't get flooded with spam. I'm giving you the first one...well, because I'm about to post it online again, so more spammers will find it. If you need me to see your e-mail quicker, post a comment saying so on the bear's blog and my real address will tell me quickly. I'll give you the real one, if you e-mail me at the spammy one. (And, yes, that goes for anyone else reading this, seeing who reads the comments, too. lol) It's

    I think it's time we step out from behind our blogs occasionally to support each other more personally. I know most of us blog like we do (for our stuffed or warmed-blooded animals), because it is good therapy against life. (Of course, because it's fun, too. lol) So is e-mailing each other. You'd be surprised how many of us are struggling through some mighty big things - depression, disabilities, age, and tough things going on in our lives. (Hey, if anyone knows how we can do this together online, I'm game.)

    Blindmaximus wrote that there isn't much we can do for each other. That doesn't mean we can't do anything. Prayer is a lot bigger than we give it credit. (When we pray, we're asking the one who runs the whole shebang, after all.) Also, a stranger can become a friend quickly, with distance being less of a problem now, thanks to e-mails and the Internet. Some times, it really helps telling stuff to people, especially when we absolutely know it can't get back to our real life friends and family. Never underestimate that either. ;)

    aka Mommy to The Teddy Bear Family of Philadelphia, PA