Sunday, May 09, 2010

May 9th, 2010

tn_2010-05-09 Sky in Oconto Falls (2)_edited-1 It’s been pretty boring around here, so we haven’t posted lately. Mom has been working, working, working—and does not have a lot of time for adventures. Today, she traveled to where her grandmother lives to have Mother’s Day dinner at a restaurant. I did get to go with her, but she did not take any pictures of me when we were there. While her family was in the restaurant, Caleb and I played around in the car—read Mom’s books—and listened to music. Mom’s ipod is a very useful little thing!

Gardening season is near. Mom says we cannot plant the garden until the nights stay warmer. It has been very close to freezing the last couple of days—and that’s not good for the baby plants or seeds. I am looking forward to planting! My friends from BearPlace and I are going have a sunflower growing contest. Since some of our friends are from Australia, it will be mostly a sunflower growing watch! (It is getting to be winter there.)

Mom found some local postcards, so now I have to convince her to go and get some international stamps so I can send them out!

Marlowe II


  1. That sky picture is beautiful!
    Hope you will have something fun to do soon!

  2. We've been working on our garden for a month now. Too busy to post ourselves. A sunflower contest? Gotta check it out. We've already sowed our Teddy Bear Sunflowers. (We're not kidding. That's their name, and they're small enough not to over shadow every plant around them.)

    Good thing we live in the city though - all the burbs have freeze warnings tonight. We get an extra month or two of gardening season, just 'cuz we live in the city. Still, only went into the low 60s today, so we had a little photo-fixin'-catch-up time inside.

    Do you have any perennials? Mommy was thinking our garden would be naked until we could plant, too, but she's been buying us enough perennials over the years that we already have our chives and sage blooming, our rosemary is big and beautiful, and our organo and marjoram are greening up again.

    We love gardening.