Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27th, 2010

tn_2010-04-20 Marlowe and Tulips

My friends Sullivan and Hammie have posted pictures of their flowers, so I thought I might as well. Mom took me outside a few days ago to photograph the tulips. She took a photo of me with the tulips! These are some orange tulips, but we have red ones too. What is your favorite color of flowers?

Things have been very quiet here. Spring has really started to show its colors in Wisconsin. The cherry tree is flowering now, and the apple trees are beginning to flower. The grass is very, very, very green!

My mom’s favorite flowers are tulips and sunflowers. tn_2010-04-27 Tulips (5) What are yours? Mom likes taking photos of flowers. She says it is the only way to preserve their beauty forever. I like the feel of flowers best. Mom says that I have to touch them carefully—I enjoy the soft, silkiness of the petals so much!

We are getting closer to the time when we can plant things outside. Regular spring has returned to Wisconsin. The nights are below freezing or nearly so. Mom says that it is baby plants would die if we put them outside now. I wouldn’t want that to happen, so I am going to try to be patient and wait.

tn_2010-04-27 Marlowe and Caleb (2) Mom came home today from her shopping trip with some new clothes for both Caleb and I. The snazzy Hawaiian print shirt is human clothes, and Caleb’s new outfit is from the Build-a-Bear ‘Build-Me’ collection from Target. She was glad to find it because they did not make many clothes for boy bears!

Mom wants me to tell you that we figured out a way to email Bob and Dilly and Hammie to exchange snail mail addresses through Google Friend Connect. It is the way that you ‘follow’ my blog and vice versa. It said that it was going to deliver an email to your email address. Both Mom and I hope that it works! She also wants me to mention that Blogger is having some kind of difficulty and won’t let us approve some of our blog comments right now—but we’re going to give it some time before we start worrying! (Mom does most of the computer worrying, actually!)

Marlowe II


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    My favourite colour of flowers depends on the kind of flower, but my favourite flowers are Snow Drops and Lady's Smock.

  2. My favorite flower is a pink tulip. You got a beary smart Hawaiian shirt, I love it.