Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th, 2010

tn_2010-05-15 Marlowe and the Boys Sitting on the Porch_edited-1Yesterday, Mom took me for a walk to the gas station. She says that I technically entered the gas station, although it was in her backpack. The last time we went for a walk, she went to a park and took me out and I had a nice time in the swing. This time there was a lot of small children around, so Mom didn’t. But I enjoyed the smells and the nice weather anyways!

Today, on the other hand, we went outside! It was time to water the plants on the porch. Mom mostly always takes me when she does things on the porch, and sometimes she takes some of my friends. Today, she took Taft, Cleveland, and Briggs out! Taft and Cleveland were all for it, but Briggs wanted to stay inside and take a nap. Mom and the rest of us convinced him that he ought to go outside to enjoy the nice weather, and he begrudgingly agreed. He ended up enjoying himself, I think—although he is a serious fellow and keeps his emotions close!

tn_2010-05-15 Tulips_edited-1 I know the rest of us had a lot of fun. Mom won’t let us too near the water hose—she says that bear fur and water don’t mix well—and I don’t want to risk any bath or laundry time! She did let me near the camera, and we all discussed and arranged the flowers to take the best photos! We also decided that Mom needs to start planting the plants and flowers that she bought before she should buy any new ones! She’s got quite the backlog!

It’s getting closer to gardening time. The weather has improved over the past two days, and Mom says that it is a good sign that we are getting closer to summer! I want to go outside and plant the vegetables we have and get lots of produce to eat! I can’t wait!

Marlowe II


  1. I can't wait for gardening time either! I love to help plant!

  2. My owner always keeps me away from water too. She says she's not going to deal with a muddy pig.

  3. You have very pretty tulips. We had some red ones this year but they are all gone now. We are on to vegetables.

  4. We only had one (red:-)!!!) tulip this year. Our garden is full of flowers perhaps I'll make a new flower post soon. But the weather isn't that great, it feels like autumn sometimes! Hope that'll change soon! Then we can remove the winterdoors from the doors that go from the livingroom to the garden and open them again!!! I love it when we can open those doors again!

  5. Beautiful tulips. We can't grow tulips. Our neighborhood theives, the squirrels, would eat the bulbs. If we dug them up and brought them in, our uninvited house guests, the mice, would eat them.

    Thank you for giving us cyber tulips. We miss them.

    What kinda veggies are you growing this year?