Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12th, 2010

Things have been very gray around here. The average temperature for the past couple days has been around 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 degrees Celsius. Most of the plants we have bought are living inside until it gets consistently warmer at night. It actually looks kind of funny—it looks like a garden nursery in our laundry room!
My friends, Spaulding and Teddy, posted some pictures of the progress in their garden. Since the progress in my garden is either biding time in the laundry room or outside in the dark and gray, I thought I would post some pictures of the flowers that we had out on the porch.
tn_2010-05-01 Peppermint Stripe Germanium_edited-1
This is a peppermint striped geranium. It has been changing colors as different flowers blossom in each cluster.
tn_2010-05-01 Tulips (6)_edited-1Mom’s favorite flower is a tulip, and her favorite color is purple, so she likes these flowers especially. When they opened, they revealed a lighter purple inside. It was very pretty.
tn_2010-05-03 Tulips (4)_edited-1 
I like this tulip the best. I think the red color is especially pretty. It is kind of shiny. These tulips were of some of the first to blossom and they are gone now. Mom says that when they all finish blossoming, we are going to put them in the flower bed on the side of the house so we can enjoy them in future summers!
I hope you liked the photos! I hope that the weather will change here in Wisconsin soon so we can share some gardening photos!
Marlowe II


  1. Marlowe,
    I think that peppermint gerainium is beautiful! My mom bought some pretty gerainiums too, I'll try to remember to post some pictures soon.

    We have yucky weather this week too. Just had a tunderstorm pass through. I think it is headed your way. ;-)

  2. Very beautiful photos! Here it's been grey and cold too.

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  4. Lovely pictures! Are you okay with me asking Sullivans owner for your snailmail adres? I really like to send you a real postcard!

  5. No, I don't mind. Maybe Mom and I can send you a regular card with our email address and we can write back and forth too!

  6. My favorite one was the purple on also, there is a nice lady in the front apartments and she raises flowers as lovely as these are. What about allowing us to download photos we like with the copyrighted on them so all know they are belonging to you all? We have had too much middle of summer weather which is not fun for me. I loved the nice cold weather we had.