Monday, November 21, 2005

November 21st, 2005

Today is Mom's dad's birthday. They went out to dinner. Mom explained to us about birthdays. She says that people celebrate the anniversary of the day that they were born. She says that my birthday is on Christmas! I thought we were celebrating Christmas, and we were also celebrating my birthday! He got all sorts of different presents. I like presents!

I had a nice, calm day. The weather was pretty nice, so we took a walk around the patio. All the leaves are gone, and the snow that fell has melted away. It's pretty ugly outside. I wish the snow would have stayed for longer. The patio is almost finished though. There is only one side where we have to watch our step or we might trip. It's very nice. It's nice to walk on too. Before it was kind of hard to walk on the grass-- it was too bumpy! Now it's all nice and smooth.

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