Monday, November 14, 2005

November 14th, 2005

Greetings. I had a great day today. I found another blog written by a teddy bear just like me. It’s called Fuzzles Bear. It’s all about a bear and his friends. It even has a webpage about the travels that some of his friends have gone. Two of his friends have been to Europe! I’d love to go to Europe!

One thing that the blog had that I thought was a great idea is that it introduced all of Fuzzles’ friends. I thought that I would introduce my friends.

First, this is my sister Chloe. Mom brought her home from Build-a-Bear. She is very nice, even for a little sister! She likes puppies, kitties, and going to the park. She likes to imagine that she’s a lady from the olden days. She likes pretending to have tea with her friends.

We spend a lot of time together. She’s starting to learn to read, so I help her. She tells me that she wants to write on this blog. I told her that I would let her someday. She can tell very good stories, so I’m sure she’d do well. Her favorite stories are ones with animals in them. We’re always on the lookout for new books!

This is my friend Robinson. Mom brought him home from Build-a-Bear too. We always have great fun. We like imagining that we’re pirates, cowboys, or even astronauts! He likes to read too. We read the boy books together that Chloe isn’t interested in. We also like going outside. Robinson loves playing in leaves, snow, or even sand. He wants it to snow so we can go outside and play. I’m not sure if Mom’ll let us go outside too much! Either way, I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun.

Next, this is my sister’s friend, Charlotte. Mom brought her home from Build-a-Bear. She’s kind of shy to Robinson and I now, but she’s warming up. She says that she’s never met anyone like us! But Chloe told her that we were awfully nice, so she wants to be our friend too!

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