Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 6th, 2010

Well, things have still been pretty quiet around here. Mom says that this is a good thing. Our Easter celebrations did not go as planned. Mom’s Dad was ill, so we didn’t go to the family gathering. (Mom’s grandmother and great-aunt were there, and no one wanted them to get ill by mistake.) We didn’t seem to have another plan, so it was very quiet. I don’t mind quiet and Mom really didn’t want to go to the gathering, so everything worked out all right.

tn_2010-03-21 Wisconsin in Spring (4)

This is how Mom wishes outside looked like. It is much more gray and dreary today. We had some plans to at least sit out on the porch, but it has decided to rain today instead. I know that the ground needs the rain, but oh do I wish that it wouldn’t rain on Mom’s days off! I want to go outside! I do have a raincoat, but Mom doesn’t want to stand out in the rain! It turns out that she doesn’t have one! Some people’s Moms these days!

Mom is going to go shopping tomorrow and buy two new friends at Build-a-Bear. The new dragon and pony came out yesterday. She is very anxious! I am kind of nervous about meeting a dragon! We don’t have any other dragons here in our hug! Some of our internet friends at Children of Atorox, have a dragon/human friend named Thruban. He seems to have fit very nicely into their small family, so I am hoping that our dragon friend will too. Mom says that she will not know his name until she meets him. I am not so worried about the pony! I’m sure she will fit right in with our other four-legged horse friends! There will be one more girl pony to gang up on the boys! Mom will have to find a new boy pony to even up the score!


  1. We have some dragons living here and they're very friendly, so I'm sure the dragon will fit in. You could give him a coin to befriend him, dragons love hoarding treasure.

  2. Good luck with your new friends!

  3. I don't know anything about living with dragons.

    It's gray, gloomy and rainy here too. Mom reminded me of a poem, it went something like this:

    Rain, rain go away,
    come again another day.
    Little Marlowe wants to play.

    Mom doesn't know who wrote it. Her grandma and mom taught her. They just filled in the name of the one who was bothered by the rain.

    I see on the weather report there are more thunderstorms coming, I don't like them. Try to enjoy your day anyway.