Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th, 2010

tn_2010-04-19 Marlowe, Caleb, and Postcard from Sullivan I have several things to report! Firstly, I received another postcard! This time it is from my friend, Sullivan McPig! He lives in the Netherlands! I love getting mail. Mom says that she is on the look out for more interesting postcards. We will then fill them out and send them on their way all over the world. I think it is really amazing that a little piece of paper can start a journey here in the Midwest and travel all over the world—and get to the right person that I intended it for! It’s really amazing! And to imagine that they did the same thing before computers and the such!

tn_2010-04-19 Caleb and TulipMom, Caleb, Robinson, Stegner, and I spent a nice afternoon out on the porch. It is probably about 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees C) outside right now. It’s certainly not short-sleeve t-shirt weather for Mom, but it is plenty nice enough! We mostly admired the blossoming trees and the vibrant green grass. Then Mom noticed that one of the tulips she had planted earlier in the month had blossomed! (She bought them already started, so all the tulip had to do was blossom!) There are more of them ready to blossom, so I will keep you all updated!

tn_2010-04-15 Tulips (6) We also have some tulips that are planted in the side garden of our house. They are orange tulips. They do not flower as often as they could. Mom says that they need more room to grow. I don’t think it matters! Whatever flowers we get are good!

tn_2010-04-15 Marlowe and Edmund (2)And lastly, I have received a late Easter present. Mom said that she felt bad that everyone got candy and the like, so she found this little critter for me. His name is Edmund. He is a very, very soft bunny. He has not met Pine, my puppy, yet. Mom says that it will probably go all right, since Pine is quite a bit smaller then Edmund! I admired Jeff Ogre’s bunny, Mr. Cool, from the BearPlace, so I am glad Mom found me this bunny!

Marlowe II


  1. Marlowe,
    I like your new bunny, beary cute. Tell your mom the tulips are beautiful. I hope you were dressed warm enough for that 50 degrees. It's warm, but sometimes there is still quite a nip in the air.

    Nice postcard, the mail is an amazing thing. Sullivan must have mailed it ahead of the volcano's ash cloud.


  2. Yay, glad it got to you! And I agree, it's amazing how cards and letters and stuff travel the world.
    Your bunny looks cute!

  3. Did you see my comment about you getting our adress at my blog? I'd love to write you one of G.'s new mandala cards. I'm sure you and your Mom will manage to read our mandala mail adres so you can send us a mail with your adres and we'll send you our adres. G. doesn't want to write it down here because of the spam that might bring us. Like this it's a bit like hide and seek... but I'm sure we'll be able to give each other our adres!
    (If you can't find the picture with the mail adres I can ask Sullivan for your real adres if you don't mind (he lives close to us, and even if we have never met him for real his owner and G. sometimes send mail to each other :-)!)

  4. Bunnies are always a good addition to the hug. Teddy married the one he was given. They fell in love immediately. ;)

    As for non-blooming tulips. They don't need much space. What side of the house are they on? Good sides are west or south. Bad sides are north and east. North is the worse side, cuz it gets the least amount of sun. If they're not on a good side of the house, just dig them up after the leaves die down (mark the spot), and plant them back in the ground on a good side. (If you don't have enough room, a bulb container works, too.) They sure are pretty - the red one and the orange ones.

  5. Mweah!
    Email Dilly address an Dilly an Bob send postcards!

  6. I like bunnys!

    Hey, I like to poo in the plarnt pots too! It is exslent fertilyzer.