Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th, 2010

tn_2010-04-14 Marlowe and his Postcards (4)

I received two postcards yesterday in the mail from my friend, Berrie, from BearPlace. Berrie is a penguin and she lives with her family in Australia! Her brother is Fed Bear, who lets her blog sometimes! They are a very well traveled family and have been to many interesting places. Fed Bear is going to the UK to meet up with some of our BearPlace friends later in the year! Oh, I wish I could go!

My postcards are of giraffes and penguins. Berrie posed a question on the website about which one that we preferred. Mom loves giraffes, so I said that! It turned out that we were picking which postcard we were going to receive!

I have recently joined my BearPlace friends in sending postcards! I only had five of them, but I will get more of them if you have not received one. If you would like a postcard and I haven’t contacted you, you can join BearPlace and email me through there or comment on the blog and we can work out the exchanging of information. I wish I could post my email address here, but Mom says that we don’t want to get any spam! Mom went to the post office to get fancy stamps that will make the postcards go all over the world. She will have to go back, so it might take a bit for the next set of postcards to depart!

Mom finally got our Google Analytics account to work. We had been trying to insert the tracking code thingie into the template without success, but after redoing the blog, we tried again and it seems to work. I really don’t care too much about blog traffic, but it is interesting to see the number of people who do visit. We’re only going to be able to see the traffic going forward, so Mom says we ought to still keep the website counter.

The owies in my paws are still an issue. Mom keeps my paws covered up most of the time. We will look into the place that Christy in OH sent us. With all the bathing and washing machine rides that have been occurring online lately, I don’t know if I want to remind her about it too much!

Mom has found some leather for Jefferson’s bridle. Now she has to get some glue to fasten it together. Jefferson was a very understanding horse and stood very still when Mom was trying to cut the pieces to length. He said that it was very hard not to twitch when there were scissors so very close to his ears and eyes! I can totally understand that!

Marlowe II


  1. I got a postcard too yesterday! Isn't it nice to recieve mail from our friends? I love getting mail! And you got two! I like giraffes, it must be great to have a long neck and have a great view! I'm so small I only see peoples feet if I stand on the ground. That's why I like to sit in the pocket of G.'s jacket, she always lets me stick out my head so I can look around!

  2. Getting mail is so much fun! There's another card on it's way to you ;-)

  3. You have paw owies? Oh the horrors! Spaulding had beans removed from all four paws, and both he and Teddy had the full spa treatment (a great cleaning with a wonderful massage) at Dr. Hanna's in Lancaster County, PA.

    We were dropped off, since we were on vacation in the area, but we stayed over night all by our lonesomes. Most of her patients are mailed though. (Make sure your Mommy sends a friend with you, if you're going by mail. It gets lonely in boxes.) We were scared, but it's been years now, and we can still remind Mommy how scared we were to get some extra hotdogs. (It's not as scary as it feels like it should be, but don't tell anyone.)

    It's tough enough to live without fingers. We worry that your paws need to be covered up.