Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October 7th, 2009

tn_2009-10-05 Marlowe_edited-1 Boy, it’s getting colder around here! It gets to about 50 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit around here during the day—it’s not quite winter clothes time yet! Mom says that it will be time to get out the long-sleeved t-shirts soon! She bought me this very nice plaid shirt a few days ago from Goodwill.

Do you like the colder weather? Mom says that a lot of people don’t like the snow because it makes driving hard. But as bears, we don’t drive cars. Some of us hibernate instead. I wonder how many bears hibernate through the winter. I’ve never really thought about hibernating. You would miss Christmas if you slept through the whole winter. There would be no Christmas presents or Santa Claus. Maybe Santa Claus leaves the Christmas presents for the hibernating bears outside? I guess if they’ve got chimneys that he can go down he can put them near the fireplace? Hm—maybe I should ask Santa if we go and visit him this Christmas.

Caleb got a new jacket. He said that he got a little cold when Mom takes him places as her official travel bear. Stn_2009-10-05 Caleb_edited-1o she bought him a jean jacket. It’s from Webkinz. Mom gave the cyber jacket to her webkinz and Caleb got the real life one.  I think it looks pretty cool—and it has snaps. He has different clothes to wear when it gets colder, but he says that this works well. Caleb goes to school and work with Mom most of the time. Do any of you travel bears go with to work or school? Caleb says that work is pretty boring but he likes going to school. He says that he learns a lot of interesting things while he is there in Mom’s backpack. He tells the rest of us about the things that he learns—he’s explained a lot of outdoor things to us! I guess you can call him our inside source on things outside!


  1. Marlowe,
    I really like your new plaid shirt. Your mommy seems to be quite good at finding you clothes at the Goodwill Store.
    Tell Caleb I like his denim jacket too. Caleb looks to be about Scruffy's size, hummmm...

    We do not like the cold weather around here. We love Fall but mom could do without the white stuff except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


  2. Good Morning Marlowe!

    You & your hug are so smart in your clothes.
    It is getting a wee bit chilly here too, and as my mohair is now a bit on the thin side I am hoping for a long sleeved shirt or jacket too.

    Re bear hibernation, I have agreed to wake Skipper up for Christmas!


  3. Marlowe, I LOVE seeing your comfy and cozy new clothing! You and Caleb are set for the cooler weather!

    Oh and our new friend that we met at Starbucks doesn't have a name yet. We're open to suggestions though! ((((BEARHUGS)))) ~ Sebastian, Kirby, Teddy and the whole gang! :-)