Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16th, 2009

tn_2009-10-14 Marlowe and His Journal_edited-1

Yesterday, I wrote in my journal. Mom thought that I could write in it more often, but things seem to have gotten in the way. We’ve obviously found enough time to post here, but not on the paper journal. But I guess it’s certainly not important enough to worry about how many times I write in the journal, just that I do!

Things have been pretty quiet around here. Mom did get an email back from that person who thought that one of my siblings might have been their bear. It turned out that it was a gentlemen—and did not seem to be very interested in the fact that Mom had found him a new bear on eBay. Mom’s mom—who we call Grandma—thinks that the gentlemen may have thought that Mom would have given Foster or I up to him!? Although he said that he would email Mom with any more news, he hasn’t—which adds to Mom and Grandma’s suspicions! Mom says that she would never give either of us up—she loves both of us way too much! I’m glad that we’re safe in our house with the doors locked. The idea that there are people out there who would take teddies away from their moms is really scary!tn_2009-06-27 Pilar_edited-1

Timber, our World Wildlife Foundation wolf, wants to send a hearty hello to Lunar, the WWF wolf of our new online friend, neoguest1.  The newest post on their blog is about Build-A-Bear brown sugar puppies. We have a brown sugar puppy living here with us. Her name is Pilar. She doesn’t quite look like the puppies that are in the picture. Mom rescued Pilar from Goodwill in December of 2008, so she doesn’t know when she was made or anything like that. Pilar says that she would like to meet other brown sugar puppies online and is glad that our new friend found my blog.

Another one of our friends on our blog asked how many Build-a-Bear friends live here. Mom says that there a lot of Build-a-Bears living here. In the beginning, Mom only bought them from the BAB store, so there were only maybe a dozen. There was Robinson, Chloe, Fleur, Shirley, Charlotte and Milton. But then Mom discovered the fact that there are BAB plushies at Goodwill and our hug has skyrocketed! She probably still buys a few at the BAB store—like Timber or Snow, but most of the new friends are rescued from Goodwill.

Mom says that it is getting near bedtime. We’ve got Mom’s company all weekend, so maybe we’ll have some adventures. It all depends on the weather! No one wants to go out if it’s raining or snowing!

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  1. Nicky, Ricky, and Maple would like to be friend with Pilar. Lunar would also like to be meet Timber.