Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st, 2009

tn_2009-10-21 Marlowe (2)_edited-1 I have decided—well Mom and I have decided what I am going to wear for Halloween. In tribute to my mom’s upcoming college graduation, I am going to be a graduate for Halloween. At Build-a-Bear, Mom found a black cap and gown for me to wear which will be much like hers! The hat doesn’t quite fit, but I don’t think it would really fit anyone around here—at least without bobby pins and a great deal of luck. Since my fur isn’t really long enough to keep a bobby pin in, I’m going to have to deal with the awkward hat! Mom says that on Halloween, I can wear some of my fancy shoes and it will make it seem even more official!

Mom had her chemistry mid-term tonight. This will give her a weekend off chemistry homework, and therefore a weekend off from my duties as a homework bear. It will give me time to get to know some of our new bears. Mom has brought Taft downstairs today. He told us about some of the stories that he had from previous homes. Taft says that his last home was a very nice place, but the little boy who made him got too old for bears. He said that he used to miss the little boy when he was waiting at Goodwill, but he’s glad that Mom found him. Mom says that he is safe here and will not get sent to Goodwill. She mentioned that she would try to find him a new shirt to wear, and that made him smile. He’s been wearing the same clothes since he came here—but we’ve got plenty to share. A new set of clothing is a good way to brighten up the day!

It’s been raining around here again. Mom made some thoughts about taking me outside, but the weather has not cooperated at all. While I do have a raincoat, I don’t think it would keep my head dry enough for Mom’s liking.  Hopefully the weather will be nice soon and I can go outside and have myself an adventure. Have any of you gone on an adventure lately?


  1. Marlowe,
    You look so distinguished. I tried on my Brother T's cap when he graduated from college a few years ago. His mortar board was way too big for my head. You will be so proud of your mommy when she graduates.

    We had a beautiful day here today. But we are supposed to get rain again, I think tomorrow.

    Enjoy you time off from being the homework bear.

    Grr-hugs to all,

  2. You look very grand in your graduation outfit, Congratulations to you and mom!