Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13th, 2009

tn_2009-10-12 Marlowe_edited-1 Today the temperature barely rose above 40 degrees, so despite the fact that it still October, Mom started to bring out some of my winter clothes. These are some of my Build-a-Bear pajamas. I think I look very studious in them. I want a matching cap! Then maybe I can sit near the fireplace and read books and look very debonair! She also made me put on my undershirt, which kind of annoyed me. She reminded me about how I don’t want to get too cold, so I best keep my undershirt on. I’ve also got some long-johns, but she says we can wait until it snows! I’m hoping that it can wait until Christmas! I guess if it makes Mom happy, I’ll wear them—even if I don’t think bears are bothered about the cold as much as humans are!tn_2009-10-12 Sullivan and Snow_edited-1

We have had a pretty interesting week. Mom brought home a new friend from Build-a-Bear yesterday. Her name is Snow and she is a polar bear. Mom brought her home so she could be friends with Sullivan, a polar bear who already lives here with us. Mom says that it’s tough being a polar bear in such a warm climate as Wisconsin. Sullivan and Snow are much more used to Arctic cold! (After I looked at that link, I’m glad that I’m a teddy bear that lives in Wisconsin! Boy, it’s cold up there!)

tn_2009-10-12 Pirouette  (2)_edited-1 Mom wants me to post this for you girls out there. She found a great dress at Build-a-Bear. I don’t think that it’s that cool—but Mom says that girls feel different about clothes then most boys! This is my friend Pirouette. She’s a purple pony from Build-a-Bear. Mom found her at GoodWill a long time ago. She had been wearing a horse blanket, but Mom says that this suits her better. I’m just going to trust what she says, because she’s the Mom and understands these things much more then me!

We got a comment on one of our older posts about a person who is missing a bear who looks just like me. Mom did a little internet research from the data on Foster’s tag (she cut mine off a long time ago) and found a teddy available for adoption on ebay that looks just like us. I hope that we’ve helped the person find their bear. We’ll keep you updated if the lady emails us back.


  1. Marlowe,
    It certainly is getting colder! Your flannel jammies look snugly warm. You're right, moms do seem to know about fashion. Pirouette's dress is perfect for her. Though I must admit, I have never seen a dress on a horse, just saddles and blankets.

    Have a great afternoon.

    Hugs from your friend,

  2. Hope the pony like her new home. Got the dress for my WWF greywolf Lunar.