Friday, February 24, 2017

February 24th, 2017

Hello, everybody! How are you all? Things here are still very quiet!
Yesterday, Mom got out of work early. She got home in time to see Graham for a while. She noticed that Graham was wearing the same shirt as me!
2017-02-23 15.42.09
Sorry, I’m looking a bit off in this picture, but he just got done hugging us all. But we’re wearing almost the same outfit! Foster is also wearing a shirt that Graham has too. (This is what happens when your mom buys clothes at the same place as someone else’s Mom.) He is very fond of Mom’s hairbrush, but we don’t know why. But it got him to stay still long enough so we could take a picture together, and that worked for Mom!
This week the temperature here in Wisconsin got to 60 degrees Fahrenheit! It is usually about 29 to 16 degrees! (I looked it up!) That meant that on Wednesday, Graham, Oliver, Mom, and I went for a walk. We ended up going to the park! I stayed in the stroller, but Graham went for a swing! He’s old enough now to sit up in a baby swing!
2017-02-22 13.30.38
He lost interest in the swing pretty quickly, but it was still cool. We then walked back home. Mom took some pictures on the way back.
2017-02-22 13.53.58-1
It’s supposed to snow this weekend, so the unseasonably warm weather will just be a faint memory!
Tot ziens!
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