Friday, March 03, 2017

March 3rd, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody! Mom bought the BJDs a new TV this week!
2017-02-28 19.12.09
It’s gotten us bigger folk around here wanting our own TV! My teddy bear friends and I are the same size as the AG kids, so we were thinking of talking Mom into buying all of us the AG TV. They made one for MaryEllen too. We just googled it to come up with the links, and there’s even an Etsy link to make a TV! This one is from Target. We haven’t heard of the Lundby brand though. (Although at that price, it might not matter too much! Hm.. Clicking through to the Lundby brand page on Target makes me think it might be a BJD sized thing.)
Do any of you have your own TV? I’d like our own TV so we could chose what to watch! I don’t mind watching Mom’s shows, but it would be nice to pick out something by myself!
Talk to you all later!
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