Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30th, 2016

Good afternoon, everybody! It’s raining on the day that we’re writing this. I don’t mind the rain. I guess I don’t want to be left outside in the rain though! That would not be good! Maybe I should say that I like the rainy weather from the safety of the nice, dry house!
Things have been a little quieter this week. Mom has the day off while we are writing this, so it is nice and quiet. We’re watching Netflix and working on her family tree. Oliver came out from under the blanket and he is supervising the blog entry.
We have another new American Girl friend to introduce.
2016-09-13 19.11.09
Here is the Holiday Addy and the new Beforever girl, Melody! They’ll join the rest of the AG mini girls!
Talk to you all later!
Marlowe II_thumb[3]


  1. Hello Marlowe! Hello Oliver!

  2. A day off is a nice thing and genealogy is always a relaxing activity!