Friday, October 07, 2016

October 7th, 2016

Hello, everybody!! How are you? We’re all right! Mom took Oliver, Graham, and I for a walk a few days ago. We found something that we wanted to show you!
2016-10-04 14.46.13
This is a wooly bear caterpillar. It will become an Isabella Tiger Moth. It is crossing the road to find a safe place to spend the winter. It will overwinter as a caterpillar and emerges in the spring to become a pupa and then a moth. Wikipedia says that you can find wooly bear caterpillars all over the world, including the Artic. But in the Artic, the summer when the caterpillar eats to become a moth, is very short. So it eats, refreezes itself, and rethaws the next spring. They can do that up to fourteen times! But after it becomes a moth, it only lives a few days to find a mate!
I liked going on a walk. I sat in the bottom of the stroller, and we walked to the petting zoo and back. Graham didn’t like his stroller before, so we hadn’t gone. But he seems not to mind it too much now. I hope we get to go again soon!
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  1. Wow - that is beary cool about that caterpillar. They can refreeze and thaw 14 times! Crazy...