Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24th, 2012

One more bunch of zoo pictures for my blog! Mom loves taking zoo pictures! Next I hope we can share our pictures from Buttons’ visit!

tn_2012-05-21 Special Memories Zoo (50)

My mom really loves horses, including zebras. Someday, we’re going to own one! (You can have pet zebras!) This one was very happy to pose for Mom’s camera!

tn_2012-05-21 Special Memories Zoo (131)

Another creature that Mom likes a lot are koi. Last year, there weren’t any koi in the pond, but they returned this year. The water is very clear and makes for very nice pictures.

tn_2012-05-21 Special Memories Zoo (54)

And lastly, a teenage camel. He’s been at this zoo for a long time. Somewhere on my computer I’ve got pictures of a baby camel!

I hope you all enjoy my zoo pictures! Mom took some pictures of my friends and I after the Buttons’ visit that I will share soon too!

Marlowe II


  1. Great zoo photos Marlowe! We love the zebra!

  2. Marlowe your mom got some great pictures once again. I think the animals at the little zoo recognize her ;) they seem to look right at her and smile.
    I am ready to share our visit, have emailed your mom. I think she has been forgetting to check her email.