Monday, June 04, 2012

June 4th, 2012

My mom and the BJD kids went to another meet-up last weekend. I thought I would share a few pictures because I know that there are people who read my blog who like the BJD kids like Mom! Caleb went with too—since he is her travel bear!

tn_2012-06-02 Meetup Voyagers (1)

This time it was a little distance away. This meant that Mom and her friend had to start earlier. While Mom is a morning person, her friend is not, so that started the day a little late!

tn_2012-06-02 BJD Meetup (4)

This time, Mom didn’t take as many pictures. There were a lot of people there and not a lot of room. Mom isn’t very fond of pushing her way into groups of people, so she made do! On the Flickr photo page, you can see the dolls much better!

tn_2012-06-02 BJD Meetup (16)

Wren and Raven did get to meet someone as tiny as they were. This is apparently a little boy vampire. Mom said that she didn’t quite understand how he got dressed up in a dress with purple shoes, but it doesn’t really matter!

tn_2012-06-02 BJD Meetup (26)

This is what Mom worked on while everyone else was sewing and such. She bought Wren and Lark an itty bitty sewing machine a while ago, and decided that they need some supplies! So now they have their own fabric stash!

Mom wants me to tell Bob T. Bear that Build-a-Bear makes clothes for smaller bears. They’re part of their SmallFry collection. The bears that you get from BAB are only about six inches tall, but they’re for rather rotund bears. They might fit an eight inch bear too. They fit Caleb, but they’re rather tight!

Mom remembered that we haven’t shared her zoo pictures here yet, so that’s going to be the next blog entry! She went with her sister and Caleb to the zoo a few weeks ago and took lots of pretty pictures!


Marlowe II


  1. Nice pictures Marlowe! Could you ask your Mom if she things the smallfry clothes would fit us (a Bearista Bear)? It's hard to find clothes for us, and ours get worn out.

  2. Are all those dolls your mom's? If so, Caleb may be crowded right out of his job as travel bear when she goes on these outings.