Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20th, 2012

A long time ago, my mom found a fellow plushie blog called Buttons’ Because. In an attempt to exchange mail, my mom found out that Buttons and his mom lived in Illinois, which is very near (at least in the plushie world) where we live in Wisconsin.

Fast forward a year or two, and Buttons’ mom announced that they were coming up north for a graduation party! It was located only about a half an hour away from where I live! We quickly agreed to meet!

tn_2012-06-16 Button's Visit 002

And here we are! My mom and Buttons’ mom met at a McDonalds, had a little breakfast, and then went to a local park to take pictures! Don’t we both look really snazzy! It was a beautiful day!

tn_2012-06-16 Button's Visit 004

Caleb and Scruffy decided that they also wanted their picture taken. I like their matching Chicago White Soxs hats! Maybe I ought to get Mom to make Caleb and I some matching hats!

tn_2012-06-16 Button's Visit 006

We went for a little walk. Buttons’ Mom found some really cool boulders to let us climb on. For a bear who spends most of his time either on the bed, on the couch, or in his mom’s arms, the climbing was really cool! I told Mom that she’s got to take me out climbing again real soon!

tn_2012-06-16 Button's Visit 009

I liked being outside! Mom lets me go outside on the porch all the time, but it was nice to see new things!

Mom and I think we ought to break up the visit into more posts so it doesn’t get too long—but you all get to see all the pictures!

Marlowe II


  1. Such nice photos of two good friends! Looks like you had a nice time visiting!

  2. Oh what fun!!! It's always fun to meet up with other bears, even more so if you go rock climbing too!!! How exciting!

  3. Hey Marlowe, Scruffy and I enjoyed getting to meet you and Caleb in bearson. Hope you will get to go back to the park again.

  4. Hooray! looks like you guys had a great time! xx

  5. Good to see that you had such a great time together! It's allways good to meet blogfriends!

  6. Hi Marlowe,
    Great pictures! It's nice that you all live so close together. My nearest neighbours are probably Jerry and Ben and they live far, far away from Alberta. Mind you... I am going to be in London in 3 weeks and will get to meet Beanie... yay!

  7. wow! you guys are good climbists! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your trip. x

  8. Don't forget to enter our Bear Olympics event:

  9. Wow I've head of human bloggers meeting but bear bloggers that must have been the bestest fun.

  10. Hi Marlowe! Ben and Jerry have a special announcement on their blog!

  11. Dec. 25, 2012

    Happy Christmas Marlowe! Hope you're having a beary wonderful time with your family!

    Your pals, Jerry and Ben

  12. Such a Nice Friendship Story! I'm Glad that you Could Meet Up and Had Such Fun! Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Wonder-Filled 2013!