Wednesday, December 02, 2009

December 2nd, 2009

tn_2009-12-02 Grant We had a package come to our house today. It was from Build-a-Bear! It contained many different things! The most important is our new friend, Grant. He is a lil chocolate cub—version 2, I guess. Stevenson, another of my friends here, is a lil’ chocolate cub as well and he doesn’t look anything like Grant. Grant is a smaller bear—compared to the 18 inch bears at least. He doesn’t fit the firefighter outfit that Mom found for him. She is going to get something smaller for him later so he doesn’t look like he is drowning in his clothes! He says that he does not mind being a firefighter bear, as long as there are not any fires to fight! As a whole, I don’t think many plushies actually to be anywhere near a fire.

The next things that were inside the box are for all of us, although Mom took my picture to model them. Mom ended up getting the Jedi Knight outfit and a English riding habit.tn_2009-12-02 Marlowe in Jedi Outfit I think they are both pretty cool. What amazed me is that both of them came with tights! I don’t think boys wear tights! Mom says that the riding pants are jodhpurs, not tights, but still!  Do you think that Obi-wan wore tights?! The pants that came with the Star Wars outfit were especially uncomfortable!

Mom told me that I shouldn’t actually ride any of our four footed horse friends in the English riding habit—although Washington has a saddle. At least right now—I shouldn’t go by myself. She says that I could possibly fall off and hurt myself! Sometimes I’m pretty clumsy, so I understand why she wants me to be safe. She said that perhaps—if Washington or one of the other horses doesn’t mind, we could work on a walk around the house or something like that. They’re my friends first, so I don’t want them to have to carry me around!tn_2009-12-02 Marlowe in Riding Outfit

How is your Christmas preparations going? Our Grandma has been putting up Christmas trees. We’ve got three of them in our house, including one that is nearly bear sized. I do love the Christmas lights. We have been listening to Josh Groban’s Christmas album. It seems not to annoy Mom too much—but makes Robinson and the other plushies who like Christmas music happy. Mom has bought some Christmas presents for her family and friends, but hasn’t wrapped them yet. Some of my internet friends, Teddy and Nibs, have been shopping for Christmas presents. Christmas is getting closer and closer!

Marlowe II


  1. Wow! What a cool jedi costume! looks good on you!

  2. Nice in the jedi outfit

  3. Hello Marlowe!! Nice to meet you!

  4. well were did you get your very nice riding outfit from young man? xxx