Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16th, 2009

tn_2009-12-14 Reading My New Book (2)My mom bought my friends and I a present yesterday. It is a brand new book! It is called Teddy Helps! and it is by a lady named Alison Reynolds and illustrated by Lee Krutop. Robinson, Stegner, Caleb and I read it last night. It is about a little bear named Teddy who does not want to help his friends make a tree house. I won’t tell you the rest of it so you will read it for yourselves. 

Mom lets us read all sorts of books. Do you have a favorite book? I’ve got lots of favorite books! I find it hard to chose just one. My favorites include the Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster, Zen Shorts by Jon Muth, and Toot and Puddle: Wish You Were Here by Holly Hobbie.  tn_2009-12-14 Reading My New Book

Mom has a lot of books from when she was a little girl that she lets us read. We’ve got a pretty extensive library around here—well, at least for bears it seems extensive. I want to go to the library someday. It is probably my dream trip. Granted, Mom would have to go to the library as well—and she hasn’t gone to a library that has children’s books in it for a long time. (Her school library does not.) Mom says that she does not go to the library because she can never remember to return the books she rented. In fact, she has some books that she must return from the school’s library. I think that is going to be Monday’s must do!tn_2009-12-14 Reading My New Book (3)

Mom is done with her chemistry class. Her final was tonight, so my job as the chemistry homework bear is done. I must have been a pretty good homework bear, because she is getting a good grade and finished all of her homework.  I am glad for her—while she seemed to understand the homework, it caused her much grief. Now it is done and she can spend more time with us! I know I am looking forward to more time with Mom now that she is almost done with school.  We will get to watch a little more TV. (We can’t operate the remote when she’s gone—too big fingers for too little buttons.) And she’ll buy us more books to read. It will be great fun!


Marlowe II


  1. We love books too! G. collects books about King Arthur and I love childrensbooks! I hope you'll spend a lot of time reading with your mom!

  2. Oh I love the Phantom Tolbooth too! Andrea says Where the Wild Things Are is a fun book, as well.

  3. I love books! Luckily my owner loves books too so we got lots of them. My favourite is 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman.

  4. Oh we all love books here Marlowe! At this time of year we especially love the Christmassy books and stories, with snow in them!
    When it is very cold in winter Ma sometimes goes to bed early with a hot water bottle or two and reads and reads and reads to us bears.

    Have a lovely Christmas!

    Lynda and the bears.

  5. Mummy haz sum old books from wen she was a wee gerl an my fayvrit wun is abowt a cheeky fella calld Brer Rabbit.

    I also like the werks ov Mr Paddington Bear.