Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 18th, 2009

tn_2009-12-19 Sarena (3)

This is our new friend, Sarina! Mom found her at Goodwill yesterday. She is an unicorn from Build-a-Bear. She joins our four-legged horse family of Zelda, Strawberry, Pirouette, Harrison, and Washington. They came downstairs to greet her and we had a lot of fun.

We watched some television. Since it was our little party, Mom let us chose what we watched. It was hard to agree when there were so many of us. We all like Mom’s Food Network shows, but we thought that since we finally got to chose that we should chose something different. tn_2009-12-19 Meeting Sarena (3) Do you argue with your friends? Our argument never got too angry. We ended up deciding to watch the Discovery Channel. It is hard to decide what to watch when there are both boys and girls—and no cartoons to watch! Sometimes, it’s better when Mom makes the decision for us! 

These pictures are taken with Mom’s new camera. It is a Christmas present from her parents. She says that you can only see the difference between her old camera, which she bought nearly four years ago, and the new one on pictures that are closer up. I like the noises it makes—and the fact that it makes Mom very happy to have a new camera. It also encourages her to take more pictures, and that might mean more adventures!

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  1. We often argue about movies. Me and my brothers like scary movies, but Domo likes happy movies.
    I hope you finally found something good to watch.