Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12th, 2009

tn_2009-12-11 WritingI wrote in my notebook journal today. I keep on forgetting that I am trying to write in a paper journal. Obviously, I remember to write here on my blog well enough! Mom says that maybe we have to put the journal out where we see it so we remember better.  I think it is fun to write in the real journal, even if no one really reads it like this blog. I guess that’s the point to writing in  your own private journal.

Mom found Foster some pajamas, so now he’s all decked out like Milton, Robinson and I. We’re all snuggled up and protected against the chilly Wisconsin winter air. Foster was kind of worried about losing his comfortable overalls and shirt that he has been wearing for a while. Mom reassured him that he could wear them whenever he wanted to. tn_2009-12-11 FosterIt’s just much more comfy to lounge around in pajamas! I am a fan of fancy clothes on occasion, but I admit I am much more happy wearing my pajamas!

We are still enjoying the snow here. Technically, it’s going to get to above freezing later in the weekend, so the snow may not last. Granted, the weather forecasters are sometimes wrong, so who knows what is going to happen. I like the snow! It’s very Christmas-y and makes the cold seem more tolerable! Much more festive! Mom tells me that people don’t like the snow because of what it does to the roads when they drive—so I’m happy that I don’t drive so I don’t have to worry about those things!

Milton, Robinson, and I spend a lot of time sitting on the couch waiting for Mom to come home from work. We talk about different things—and yesterday we spent quite a bit of time talking about something that I mentioned in a previous post—cookies! My favorite cookies—mostly because they’re Mom’s favorite cookies—are double chocolate cookies. Robinson says that he likes molasses cookies, but he admits that it has a lot to do with the fact that he’s a horse—but a horse plushie and rarely gets molasses like most horses do. Milton likes plain chocolate chip cookies. Milton says that he is a simple bear and likes simple things. Do you like a certain kind of cookie?

Marlowe II


  1. I love chocolate chip cookies with hazelnuts.
    And your pyjamas look very comfy!

  2. I like stroopwafels, there special Dutch cookies. It's difficult to explain for me what they are like, I don't know a cookie you can compare them with... Normaly the stroopwafel man is on the saturday market here in Stadskanaal where we live, but now he's here all days of the week because we have an ice skating rink on the square in the towncenter (for Christmas) and now we can buy them every day! yummie!



  3. Our current fav. is molassas cookies rolled in powdered sugar and baked. ooooooya...with apple cider or (occasionally!) a bowl of coffee ice cream.

  4. Yes I yewst to find it hard to rite in my payper diary too befor I had a blog. Wun thing to do is put it on top of the TV then yu find yorself lookin at it in the eevnin an yu don't ferget it!!!

    NOSE HUGS!!!!



  5. My absolute favourite is Chocolate Bread from Paris. And green maracons from Laduree are nice too!

  6. Dilly fayvrit biskit be
    think think...


    be! MWEAH! BE!

    Speshly be Pink Panther Wafers.

    Snow in Dilly garden today,
    be vewy cold.
    Bears not be too botherd.
    Got ferr.
    Dilly noy got ferr.
    Got Snow Pwinsess Cape.
    Dilly goin mayke MUmmy tayke foto.