Monday, December 05, 2005

December 5th, 2005

Hello! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I had a tummy ache. I ate too much chocolate. Mom made me stay in bed all day. I feel much better today though! I mostly napped! I don't mind spending time in bed. I read books all day. Chloe and Robinson kept me supplied in new books and orange juice. After my tummy ache went away, I was a content bear.

I have a website that I want to share with you. It's called Billy Bear's Playground. It is a bear friendly website with all sorts of educational stuff. It has information about animals, things to download and color, clipart to make pretty pictures on the computer with, and all sorts of different things. I don't like the ads on the pages, but Mom says that's how they pay for the website. I found it today while Mom was at work and I just had to share. It's even got some things for the grown-ups in your life! I've bookmarked it and I'll visit it again sometime. I have LOTS of bookmarked websites!

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