Saturday, December 10, 2005

December 10th, 2005

We have a new friend today. Mom rescued her from GoodWill. Her name is Evangeline. Mom rescued my teddy, Caleb, from GoodWill too. She bought her for company for Polly. Polly got a new dress. I don't really understand girls' fascination with dresses, but I admit this is a real pretty one. She's got a cap and a hat. When we go outside, now Polly can come with us if she wants!

Mom gave us some bad news today. She says that the place she works at is closing. It really doesn't mean much for us-- but she says that she needs all the hugs and moral support we can give her. She told us that Grandma will help her take care of us if she can't find another job right away. She's mostly sad because she's worked there for such a long time and she likes her co-workers. We all love our Mom and we don't want her to be hurting. We're going to give her lots of hugs and moral support. Cheer up, Mom!

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