Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22nd, 2015

So we’re writing this at the end of December. It’s all part of Mom’s plan to make sure that we keep on writing entries. But that means that we’re going to take three weeks to tell you all that we got a new computer for Christmas! It’s got a touch screen that Mom needs to train herself to actually use. It runs Windows 10, which we’re hesitantly all right with.
It means that we got to update to the newest version of Windows Live Writer. It’s open source, and finally updated! The orginial Windows Live Writer hadn’t been updated since 2012, which is practically ancient in the computer world. We’ve only started playing with it, but it’s behaving just as the old version did. So if you’ve got a brand new computer, this version is worth it! (At least right now!) Although Mom can’t get the spell check button to do anything but be grayed out. Hm. Maybe we spoke too soon!
2015-12-26 Foster
Well, this entry is really about Foster. Foster is my older brother. He was named after a character in a Joseph Conrad short story called Amy Foster! (Just like me!) We’re both Sterling promotional matrix bears. I came from a gardening store, but Foster was found at Goodwill. I was really glad when Mom found him. I did miss him a lot.
His favorite color is yellow. He says that he likes it because it’s bright! He likes leaves that turn bright yellow in the fall, and rubber ducks! He also likes sunflowers and yellow tulips! He likes playing cars with me, and will help the tinies move big things around. He would really like to meet Big Bird someday—he’s a bird and he’s yellow, so that makes Foster really happy!
Talk to you all next week!
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  1. So cool to meet Foster! Are you doing any sledding or ice skating this winter?