Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20th, 2012

Last month, my Mom took Wren, Caleb, and Adelaide to a ‘BJD Meetup.’ I didn’t know what that meant until Mom explained to me that meetups were groups of people who gathered for a common interest. Mom and one of her friends from work both like dolls like Wren, and her friend invited her to this meetup. It was going to be a crafty meetup, so Mom had to bring supplies.

tn_2012-02-25 Ready for the Meetup

Mom said that Wren was the star of the trip, so she got dressed up.

tn_2012-02-25 Wren Ready for the Meetup (1)

Wren said it was a lot of fun—she got to meet other dolls like her. She was the smallest by far!

tn_2012-02-25 BJD Meetup 001

This is Wren and Mom’s friend’s doll, Cillian. He was pretty much the average size!

The reason this all matters to me is that it got Mom interested in doll clothes making again. Right now, she’s working on making clothes for my AG friends, but she says that she won’t be able to resist making clothes for me for very long! She says that I am pretty charming when I want to be!

Hope you all are having a good day!

Marlowe II


  1. Hey Marlowe!
    Are you working on ideas for a summer wardrobe, then? I soooo want a John Deere cap and some farmer overalls. How about you?

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  3. Marlowe, you are charming. Hope your mom makes you something cool. I'm hoping my mom will sew something for me soon too.