Thursday, March 01, 2012

March 1st, 2012

A few weeks ago, Mom and Caleb went to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay. I love trains and I wish I could have gone! But these pictures almost make up for it!

Outside the museum itself, there is a huge shed that they keep more trains in. It was rather dark and everything was covered in layers of dust! Some of the trains are in need of restoration, but it is better then sitting outside all year long.

tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 083

There really wasn’t a lot of labels, so Mom is not sure which train is which. Oddly enough, there is more information on Wikipedia about which train is which then on the museum’s website!

tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 067

This is the full sized Aerotrain from the other post. It looks kind of like a car to me! Maybe like a rocket ship! There were several cars behind it.

tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 071

This was a train without a label. Mom thinks it is from the Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad. It is a steam train.

tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 073

This is a boxcar that Mom liked because it was from Wisconsin. Wikipedia says that it is a replica though.

tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 074

Wikipedia says that this is a tank car that used to hold vinegar. That would be a lot of vinegar!

tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 077

And because every train blog post should end with a caboose, here is a picture of an Illinois Central wide version caboose, pulled by a Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad Alco S-3 engine.

I hope some of you enjoyed my train pictures as much as I did! I love trains! They’re so big!

Marlowe II


  1. That looks like a great museum! We especially loved seeing the steam train and the caboose. Did you get to ride on a train too?

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Oh WOW! What a neat looking place. I like trains. We have a railroad museum here, and your Mom's trip makes me want to go visit! You should start going on some of these trips too, Marlowe. I think you'd have a lot of fun. Thanks for the inspiration to go see trains (I hope I get to) and thanks for sharing your adventures! Very inspiring! - Miri

  3. I love trains too Marlowe! Thanks for showing us. Woo - woooohhh!

  4. Marlowe! Ben and me may be coming to northern Wisconsin this summer to look at this BEARY big lake that is up there, maybe you know it, Ben say's it the "Supper Lake" but I think that's wrong. Anyway, we'll let you know when cause it would be fun to have a photo of us all together; we're jealous that Beanie, Hammie, Bob T., and Sullivan all have these photos together! We American bears need photos too!! Hehe. We'll keep you posted!