Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February 1st, 2012

A week or so ago, my mom went with Caleb and her parents to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the Cleopatra exhibit. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow photos inside the exhibit, but they let you take pictures in the museum itself. So Mom, being the person she is, took LOTS of pictures! I thought we would share some of them with you!

The Milwaukee Public Museum itself is from 1882. This means that they have lots of exhibits that sort of show different time periods of museum exhibits themselves. The museum moved into it’s present day building in 1965, and the grand part of the museum sort of dates to then. Most of the museum itself is divided up into different continents. In the wings, they have dioramas of different parts of the world. Mom was mostly interested in the animals.

tn_2012-01-22 Trip to Milwaukee (41)

This is a photo of one of the exhibits from the Americas. This is a manatee from Florida.

tn_2012-01-22 Trip to Milwaukee (47)

This is an albatross. It was in the exhibit with the Artic animals. Albatross are really big birds. Mom says that she wants to see one in real life someday!

tn_2012-01-22 Trip to Milwaukee (103)

This is a rhino from the African exhibit. We like rhinos around here—Mom saw a rhino in a zoo when she went to Kansas City a long time ago.

Mom took lots of pictures of the different animals in the dioramas. We’re not going to make this post any longer, but if you want to see them they’re on her Facebook page. We’ve got some more posts lined up!

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  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Your mom takes awesome pictures! What a great trip!

  2. That looks like an interesting museum!