Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15th, 2012

A few weeks ago, Mom and Caleb went on another trip. This time they went to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay. I love trains! I wish I could have gone, but these pictures almost make up for it!
tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 001
My mom went here when she was a little girl. The outside looks pretty much the same, but the inside has changed a lot! There were three different parts of the museum. We’re going to show the pictures from the first part today.
tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 003
This is a diorama detailing the making of the railroad. Mom liked the horses in the background.
tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 014
They had a few models of trains. There are different scales of train models, so they’re different sizes.
tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 005
This was about as old as they got. Mom thought that they should have more about the history of railroading, rather then the railroad after the 1900s.
tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 006
This one was pretty cool. They had the full sized engine and a few cars outside! It was called the Aerotrain.
tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 018
These are called drumheads. On the back of a train’s caboose, they had a neon size that proclaimed the name of the train. A man named Frederick Bauer collected them and donated it to the museum.
tn_2012-02-04 National Railroad Museum 019
This was Mom’s favorite!
Next time, I’ll tell you about the big trains that are inside the building. They are all cleaned up and shiny!
Marlowe II


  1. Harr had litte
    Le trains when he was a boy! I'll show him this post!

  2. Somehow, I think mom & dad missed this railroad museum when my human brother was growing up. He loved trains big time. They did take him multiple times to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union IL.

    Thanks for sharing, we are enjoying the pictures.

  3. Looks like Fun, Marlowe! We have a very old Railroad Engine down here in Florida! Daddy said that it was Fun to Climb Up on it. I was Not There that day... Daddy said it was Before I was Born! We have a Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish– just North of us, Marlowe.