Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30th, 2012

Mom let us sit outside yesterday on the porch. It was kind of cold, but after sitting inside for such a long time, I didn’t care.

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (2)

Adelaide and Caleb came with. Caleb thinks that every time we go outside, I do something fun! He never wants to be left out!

We heard some crying. None of us knew what it was. Adelaide thought it was coming from underneath the bench we were sitting on.

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (3)

She’s much braver then me! She went to investigate!

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (4)

There was a very little girl! She said that her name was Wren and she was lost!

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (6)

Adelaide brought her up on the bench. (Fingers make carrying things much easier!)

tn_2012-01-28 Meeting Wren (7)

We wrapped her up in my robe so she could get warm. She said that she was a Borrower, and lived in the forest down the road from where we live. This morning, when she was out to get some water, a nasty crow picked her up and carried her to our house. She pulled one of it’s feathers out and it let her go.

Adelaide and Mom said that they would bring her back to where she lives if they could tell her where it was! She then admitted that she never went very far from her house, so she had no idea where it was! Mom offered to let her live with us, and she agreed!

tn_2012-01-28 Wren (3)

So now I’ve got another member of my hug! She’s so little! I can’t wait until she meets the rest of our family upstairs!

tn_2012-01-28 Wren (1)

Adelaide helped her into a little bed that Mom made for her so she could warm up! Mom says that we’ll find some more clothes to fit her soon! She’s so little that nothing here fits! Considering the size of Mom’s doll clothes collection, that’s an accomplishment!

Marlowe II

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  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Aww, you guys are very kind to take in a little, lost Wren. She was very clever and brave to pull the feather out so he'd let her go! Good job, Wren! :) - Miri