Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11th, 2012

A few days ago, Mom decided that we ought to go out shopping with her.

tn_2012-01-10 Going for a Car Ride

Adelaide, Caleb, and Carabella came with, along with our new Monster High friend, Kaida. (She is a dragon that came out of the create-a-monster kit. She came with because she’s going to get painted!)

Adelaide was a little worried—it was the first time that she went shopping. That is the reason that Carabella came with, because she knew how scary it was to go out for your first time! She wanted to provide a little support for Adelaide.

Things did go well. On the way home, Mom decided to do something that even I had never done—go the car washed! We went through an automatic car wash!

tn_2012-01-11 Car Wash (1)

It was really cool!

tn_2012-01-11 Car Wash (3)

Lots of soap and water!

tn_2012-01-11 Adelaide (6)

I didn’t get anything, but Adelaide got some pretty hair clips!

It was a lot of fun! Some of my friends are travel companions and get to go places all the time. But have any of the rest of you gotten to go anywhere interesting lately?

Marlowe II


  1. My owner has been at home for a week with a cold/flu, so this past week was a bit boring. Hope to do some fun stuff this weekend.

  2. Wow! I want to go through the car wash, it looks such fun! Pa ........ get the van ready for a bath!
    Trumble xxx

  3. Anonymous9:00 AM

    That looks fun! I'm glad it wasn't too scary for Adelaide and that she got neat hair clips! I haven't been too many places, but I was going to Vegas. Wendy's mad at me for the house thing, though, so she says I can't go. *sigh* So I'll just travel vicariously through your blog, okay? :)

  4. Marlowe, you left out the most important deal about your shopping trip: where did you stop for lunch and what did you have? hehe

  5. Oh la la ! Moi je suis resté bien au chaud (il ne fait pas un temps à mettre un ours dehors) quand on est parti en vacances.
    D'ailleurs il pleuvait et j'avais pas de parapluie. J'aurai bien aimé avoir de la neige, mais ici en France, il fait aussi chaud qu'au mois de mars...
    Bonne année Marlowe !
    Signé : Achille (et Nekita)

    Oh la la! I stayed warm (it's not a time to make a bear out) when we went on vacation.
    In fact it was raining and I was no umbrella. I wish I had snow, but here in France, he is so hot that in March ...
    Happy new Year, Marlowe !
    Signed: Achille (and NEKITA)