Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14th, 2011

The snow is all gone now. It was 50 degrees F for a bit this week and it went all away. Mom says that is only a matter of time before it snows again!

tn_2011-11-11 Winter (7)

This is my mom’s 11/11/11 picture. There is still a little snow on the roof of the garage, but it’s gone now.

tn_2011-11-11 Winter (9)

All of the leaves on the trees are gone as well. I do like fall foliage and I wish it could have lasted longer! Mom says that there is always next year! What does it look like around your home?

Marlowe II


  1. Here all the trees have lost their leaves, just a few still have some left. Today it was very cold, with fog. We see geese in a V shape flying South every day. Last saturday Sinterklaas arrived in Holland. That means that the festivities of Sinterklaas are going to be here untill 5 december when he celebrates his birthday by giving presents to all the children and adults who have behaved well :-). And then Christmas isn't far away... The time goes by so fast, faster and faster every year!

  2. There's lots of leaves on the ground with nasty poo surprises underneath them over here :-(
    I want snow!

  3. It's beautiful here too Marlowe, and we're kind of glad there is no snow yet, but Ben still wants to go out in the snow and make snow angel bears!

  4. I hav just put fotoes ov my garden on my blog so yu can see wat it is like ware I am!

    I am glad yor sno has gon. I was scared yu wud hibernate!!