Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28th, 2011

My mom’s work is starting to get crazy busy, so we are trying to think of ideas to make posts that we can plan ahead. We use a program called Windows Live Writer to post on the blog. It has the ability to post entries on schedule. Mom says that it actually has something to do with Blogger and the way that it makes them appear on schedule. All I know is that this Christmas season, Mom and I are going to do our hardest not to disappear into the black lagoon of Christmas crazies!

We thought that books would be interesting and something that is not dependent on Mom taking one of us outside to take pictures. Our friend Sullivan McPig and his friend the Voodoo Bride have a reading blog called Pearls Cast Before a McPig. Mom says that we don’t need another blog, so I will post our reviews here. We’re going to start out with children’s books, because Mom has plenty of those!

Our first book is in honor of Sullivan. It is by a lady named Sandra Boynton. It is called Perfect Piggies.

tn_2011-10-27 Marlowe and the Book (4)

Sandra Boynton is a very funny writer. She writes for mostly the under three year old set, but they’re also funny for the adults reading them. For her more recent books, she has recorded a song along with the book. You have to visit a special website to download it.

tn_2011-10-27 Marlowe and the Book (1)

It is about how practically perfect pigs are! Mom and I tend to agree! We’re also very fond of it because it has rhythm and rhymes.

I hope you like my book review—I’m afraid I don’t want go to into too much detail—since it’s such a short book to begin with. Maybe as time goes on, Mom will review the books she reads! (They’re much longer!)

Marlowe II


  1. We love the book review Marlowe! We can't wait to read the book, and any book about pigs is not only fun, but Sullivan would love too!

  2. I'm in love! I must hunt the internet for a copy of this book.

  3. That looks like a book that the children at G.'s school would like! We have started to read the Alfie books again this year. Do you know Alfie (a boy who becomes a werewolf every month? They are very exciting books to read and very funny too. There is a very strange dad in the books to. He wears a tea cosy on his head in the shape of an elephant!!!

  4. Marlowe you have done a fine job on your first book review. You told just enough to make us want to find and read the book.

    I do hope you will still get to outside a couple more times before the s_ _w files. I didn't want to type the whole word, in case I jinxed the great weather we've been having. Today was beautiful!

    Going to have dust off mom's library card and find that book.

  5. Bonjour !
    Je suis bibliothécaire en France, dans la banlieue parisienne, alors tu imagines comme j'aime les livres ! J'aime particulièrement les albums pour enfants... dont les héros sont des ours !
    je lirai tes critiques de livres avec passion !!!
    à bientôt !

    I am a librarian in France, near Paris, then you can imagine how I love books !
    I especially like the children's albums ... whose heroes are the bears! I read your book reviews with passion!