Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21st, 2011

Mom’s domo obsession has taken over a small place on our shelves. I guess I’m lucky that she’s only interested in the brightly colored ones.
tn_2011-10-12 Domo (1)
We have more than this now. I admit I think they’re kind of cute, but they’re awfully loud! For a bear who enjoys quiet times, it’s hard to ignore these little guys and their talking. They’re very friendly creatures—but they never stop talking!

Mom took all the domos she had outside a few days ago to take photos. Since this is supposed to be a blog about a bear, she says that we won’t post them all here. (They’re all at our Flickr account if you would like to see them.) But she did take Milton and I outside. It’s been a while since Milton has been on my blog. He’s one of my best friends!
tn_2011-10-12 Marlowe and Milton copy
It was a really nice day. Maybe Mom will take us outside tomorrow. It’s supposed to be nice—it’s been windy and cold here lately. It’s like we skipped fall and went straight to a pre-winter season!
Marlowe II


  1. Nice to see Milton! Hope you have fun when you go outside tomorrow!

  2. Easter Domo says hi to his relatives!
    And that picture of you and Milton is beautiful

  3. I did not know the Domos, but they look terrific!
    Enjoy your collection :)