Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18th, 2010

Today’s post is about another thing that has caused our previous lack of posting. My mom bought herself a nook-color for Christmas. It’s an e-reader that can sort of be a computer at the same time. She can check her mail, Facebook, etc. with it, but she doesn’t like to type too much because it is tedious. It doesn’t really cut down on my cuddling time, just posting time.

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook (3)

Sometimes, she lets me play with it. It’s much easier to use then her itouch for my big paws.

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook (5)

Some of the time, I like to look at our pretty pictures on it. It’s very clear—even more clear then our computer. Granted, our computer is from 2007 and the nook-color is brand new, so we don’t hold it against the computer!

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook (7)

Other times, I read books on it. Right now, Mom and I are reading a book on geology. It’s interesting how old the rocks are!

tn_2011-01-14 Marlowe and the Nook

And, of course, we have to check our email. We also like to search for words in books that we are interested in.

It’s a nifty device, but I am glad that Mom has returned to helping me blog!

Marlowe II


  1. Me too, I've missed you. But, I have to admit, the nook looks like a cool distraction, and you can't beat cuddle time.

  2. It looks like a laptop specially made for you! That's very cool Marlowe!