Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14th, 2011

My mom says that I have been a very patient bear. She has been neglecting our posting duties lately. Part of it is recovering from the Christmas crazies at work, and a part of it was buying things on Ebay. She says that she has everyone she wants, so now it’s my turn to come back into the blogging world.
tn_2011-01-04 New Liv Dolls Unboxing_edited-1One of the things that Mom has been ordering online is a boy doll named Jake. She bought a few more Liv girl dolls at Target a few days ago and I helped her unbox them. I think that there is a lot of grief in unboxing dolls—teddy bears are so much more simple! She also bought all of the Monster High dolls—she says that she likes them because they’re the children of book characters! (I think she likes them because they come with all sorts of tiny little pieces. Sigh. Moms!)
tn_2010-12-24 Marlowe and Christmas_edited-1My birthday was back on Christmas. My mom bought me a lot of clothes and a new cell phone! Mom says that we will take a photo of the new cell phone later!

Caleb and I went with Mom to the dentist office today. She was very nervous. I stayed in the car, but Caleb went inside with her. I’m glad that we can provide that kind of moral support!

I wanted to thank everyone for sending me Christmas cards and the like. I love getting mail. One of the things that Mom has promised me that we are going to do is send more mail out.


  1. Thanks for the Christmas card you sent me. I love getting mail too! BTW - great picture of you that you included - it's going on my bulletin board.

  2. Looks like you had a great birthday.
    Take care!

  3. We like your new clothes Marlowe. You'll be the best dressed bear ever!

  4. Thanks for your message!!! I shall email Bob and Dilly's Mum and ask if it's OK to give you her address but if you have something that you're desperate to mail, like, now, then send it to me. Do you have my snail mail address? My email is on my "view profile" thingy.