Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16th, 2010

Today’s blog post will be about one of the reasons why we didn’t post a lot in December. It was too cold outside to go out and take photos! Apparently Mom doesn’t want to go out in the cold for photography, despite the fact that she goes out all the time for work. Sigh. I think she’s got her priorities messed up!

tn_2010-12-22 Winter (8)_edited-1

Wisconsin has been doing a very fine job of snowing this winter. It seems like we’ve gone maybe three or four days at most without some kind of snow flurry. It’s usually much too cold for it to snow by this time in winter.

tn_2010-12-22 Winter (12)_edited-1

It does make the sky seem very crisp and clear though. The blue is especially pretty.

I’ve got some outside boots—Mom bought them to go with my fishing outfit. I think they would serve very nicely as winter boots. I could go outside like my friends Buttons Because and Jerry and Ben. I’ll have to work on that! Mom doesn’t like it if I get wet or dirty!


  1. Don't feel to bad. It's snowing here today, I asked about going out to make a snowbear. My mom said "no" too. I might try to sneak out if she goes out later to shovel.

    Can you believe Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are playing each other for a 3rd time?

  2. We like to play in snow, but only if it isn't too cold. The best part, however, is after we come back inside, then we get to have hot chocolate. Do you ever make "snow bears" in the snow? We love Wisconsin too; such a beautiful state.

  3. We are very happy the snow has gone here, it was very slippery and we almost fell down when we walked to school! I like your pictures!