Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29th, 2010

A few days ago, Mom took a few of my friends and me into the kitchen so she could cook supper. When we sit in the kitchen all together, we usually watch a movie. This time, we watched a TV show that Mom had bought at work. When she was a teenager, there was this show on the Food Network called Two Fat Ladies. It’s a British cooking show. The two ladies who were are on are very funny—and they cook food with lots of calories and butter. Mom says that since she shouldn’t eat the food, it’s much better to watch it being made on television!tn_2010-08-26 Watching TV (5)_edited-1

I think it is a pretty funny show. I don’t quite grasp all the British humor, but I guess I haven’t watched it enough. We are finished with the first disc now—the first six shows. One of the ladies unfortunately passed away after twenty-four shows.

But now Mom can watch it over and over again. It turns out that it is also on the Cooking Channel now—but we don’t get that channel. Mom says that Good Eats is still probably her favorite TV show, but Two Fat Ladies is a very close second!

This clip is about alcohol, but Mom thought she should connect to something that was legally uploaded! (Acorn Media are the people who make the DVDs.)

I hope you are all having a great day. Mom took some pictures today that we will post later in the week!

Marlowe II


  1. I think we get the Cooking Channel..."Two Fat Ladies" sounds like a great show, we'll have to look for it!

  2. I enjoyed the 2 fat ladies on TV. It was the dark haired one who died, sadly. I was surprised that she wore nail polish whilst cooking! I wonder if bits of it ended up in the food!

  3. I remember watching the Fat Ladies.

  4. I saw an episode of that program once, I liked it, but G. likes to watch Ready steady cook so we saw more episodes of that series.