Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16th, 2010

Yesterday, my mom finally remembered to buy some greeting cards to send to my internet friends! She bought them and brought them home for me to pick!

tn_2010-08-14 Letter Writing_edited-1 She bought six cards because we have five international stamps and one friend who lives in the US. Well, we have two friends who live in the US, but only one address!

tn_2010-08-14 Letter Writing (2)_edited-1Here I am with a pen to start writing in them. Mom writes the messages, but I sign my name. It takes me a while to write, so it’s easier that way. So some of you will have a card to look forward to! Mom thought that it would be better if we left it as a surprise! I like nice surprises, so I agreed!

For the past two days, the weather has been incredibly nice. Mom has to work, so we didn’t go outside. But I did get to see some beautiful skies from the window!

tn_2010-08-14 Morning Skies (3)_edited-1

Do you ever look up and try to imagine shapes in the clouds? Sometimes I do! I have seen boats, and flowers, and trains. These clouds are too wispy to see anything in them, but they are still scenic! These clouds are called cirrocumulus floccus. Mom showed me pictures of all the different kinds of clouds, and we are going to try to spot them. It will be a nice, calm way to spend some time outside!

Marlowe II


  1. Lovely cloud pictures! I like writing cards too! Hope you get to go outside when your Mom get's home. It's very relaxing to lay down in the grass and look at the clouds and think about the shapes they have! I like that a lot!

  2. The cloud picture is beautiful! I also love writing and receiving cards.

  3. We like to watch the clouds going past the bedroom window, but here in the UK we get lots of big grey ones, full of rain! :o)

  4. I see lots ov dogs in clowds. Speshly grayhownds.
    Dilly rekkons she sees dragons. Mummy an Daddy sor Josef Stalin wunce. Compleet wiv mustash.