Saturday, August 28, 2010

August 28th, 2010

Oh, things have been so quiet around here. Mom has been busy working, but she has this weekend off. A few days ago though, she took me out onto the porch and took some more pictures. She wants to post my picture to her DeviantArt  account. The picture needs to be top quality to make it on there, so we’re going to take lots of photos until we find one that makes us both happy. Here is one of the first session.tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (2)_edited-1

Mom likes the bokeh in this photo. Bokeh is the shiny, misty background—the grass in this photo.

tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (5)_edited-1

In this one, she likes the way the light is.

tn_2010-08-25 Marlowe Outside (12)_edited-1

I like this one because it shows my shadow. Mom says that it isn’t lighted properly, but I don’t care! She says that I can post whatever pictures I want on my blog since it’s supposed to be about fun, not criticism! We will upload the rest of them to my Picasa album, and you can go and look at them. Which of the first two do you think is the better? Hm. I think it’s hard to decide!

Marlowe II


  1. I think they are all great pics, but the first one is my favourite. x

  2. They are all beautiful, but the second picture shows your face better I think.