Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th, 2010

Not much is happening around here that is worthy of posting about. Instead, I thought I would share some of Mom’s pictures from her recent trip to a nearby zoo. It is called the Northeast Wisconsin Zoo, and it is in Green Bay. She didn’t bring me—she says that I am too big to be carried all over the zoo—although I told her that I am much lighter then her camera or her purse!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (9)_edited-1 These are koi, or Japanese carp. They were in a landscape/waterfall type thing, so Mom was able to get good pictures. I am not sure if she likes them because of the way she can get the nice pictures or their shininess!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (16)_edited-1This is a tortoise. Mom liked this picture because he was looking at her. Her new camera does a lot of things, but does not zoom in very well yet. (She needs to buy a new lens for it.)

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (34)_edited-1 This little critter is a prairie dog. They lived in an exhibit that didn’t have a fence on top of it, so Mom got to take this pretty picture.

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (24)_edited-1 This is Lucky, an albino alligator. Mom took this picture through the glass of the enclosure. She thought he looked kind of creepy floating there!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (38)_edited-1 This was one of Mom’s favorite parts of the zoo. These are trumpeter swans. The adult swans produce a flock of babies every year that get released in Iowa to increase the wild population. This year, they did an especially good job of raising the babies! There are eight of them!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (68)_edited-1 This is Blossom, a moose. She lives in an area overlooked by a building built up on pylons. You can watch her wander around her enclosure.

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (102)_edited-1 This was by far Mom’s favorite part. At this zoo, you can walk up a ramp to another building built up on pylons and feed the giraffes! She fed them some leaves!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (127)_edited-1This is Hodari, the male giraffe. He was a lot more impatient with the wait for the leaves. He paced around, and came to the building and looked around for the entire time that Mom waited. He was also first in line for the leaves when the zoo lady finally showed up.

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (125)_edited-1 And this is Zuri, the female giraffe. She waited in the back until the zoo lady showed up. She was equally happy to eat the leaves though, but she was much more lady-like!

tn_2010-07-20 NEW Zoo (151)_edited-1 And last but not least, the zebu. Mom likes cows and their relatives, so we have a lot of pictures of him. He was willing to eat the petting zoo food Mom got, but only if Mom hung over the side of the fence!

I hope you like the pictures! Mom has been busy with work lately, and does not have the energy to take me outside or other post worthy adventures! On Wednesday, she’s going to the EAA—so maybe we will have plane pictures to post!



  1. I hope your mom has more energy and time soon.
    Love the pictures! My owner promised me we'll be going to the zoo this summer.

  2. Hey, Marlowe! Looks like a great time at the zoo! I hope we go to our zoo soon! I don't think the zoo here has a zebu, so that's pretty cool. Hope things are good for you and your mom! Have a great time at the EAA!!!

  3. I never went to the zoo! But seeing the pictures makes me want to go there! Hope you'll both be able to make a trip together soon! That EAA looks VERY EXCITING! Looking forward to your post about that! G. asks me to tell you to that she says hello to your Mom! Will you tell her that please?