Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11th, 2010

I have lots of news to share. I have decided to spread it out a bit. The first is that I got a package from Beanie a few days ago! It made me very happy! I love getting mail and packages! Mom says that I get more good mail and packages then she ever would!

tn_2010-07-07 Marlowe's Package (3)_edited-1 Ta-da! My package!

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 02_edited-1Princess, our dog, decided to help. She is always very interested in things that come in the mail. Or in bags from outside. Or pretty much anything she can stick her head inside and sniff.

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 03_edited-1Here we are after Mom opened it. Princess is making sure she approves of everything inside!

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 05_edited-1

Look at the beautiful bag! It has all sorts of cool things inside like pencils and paper! I was very impressed! Mom says that we will try our hand (or paw) at making a card and post our results!tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 06_edited-1

Isn’t it pretty! And it’s even Mom’s favorite color, purple!

tn_2010-07-07 Beanie's Present 01_edited-1And a postcard! Yeah!! We all thank Beanie and his Mom for the great present! We are gathering our own package to send back!

Marlowe II

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  1. OH How Fab!! And it's Mom's favourite colour too? So glad you enjoyed it! You can go Make Stuff now!